Terms of Use

This document is a summary of the Hebrew version of the Terms of Use.
In any case of inconsistency between the Hebrew and the English versions, the terms are as stated in the Hebrew version.

The site is a virtual store operated by:
Company: Maoz Israel Tzur Tel – Aviv
Phone for complaints: 1-700-70-7372
Hereinafter: the Company.


This website is used for both, receiving orders from the company existing customers and selling to consumers that are required to pay while purchasing. This document refers to the later.

The terms of this document refer to purchases by consumers as defined in the Israeli Consumer Protection Law.

For further information please contact the above-mentioned company’s customer service phone.

Purchasing products

All products sold in this website are offered at the prices specified in the site.

The consumer can purchase in this website only through payment by a credit card.

Purchases are subject to the approval of the credit card company (that issued the card used by the consumer).

To complete a purchase, the consumer is required to fill out personal information. The information is saved in the company data.

The company reserves the exclusive right to determine the products offered in this website and the quantity of each product. The company may limit the quantity of products to one buyer.

The company may cancel purchases if there is not enough quantity in the stock. The company will inform the buyer about the lack of stock, and will return any amount paid, if paid. The purchaser will have no claims about this matter.

The products offered in this website are accompanied by warranties issued by the manufacturer and / or the importer. These are the only warranties for the products.

The company may provide some or all of the products through a third party. In this case there may be delays in supplying the products. The company will be exempt from liability for these delays and the consumer will have no claim against the company in regard to these delays.

The company will send the products to the address given by the purchaser.

The company may cancel purchases if the address is insufficient.
The company will inform the buyer about the problem, and will return any amount paid, if paid. The purchaser will have no claims about this matter.

Purchaser agrees that the company will save and maintain the consumer data.

The company’s computer system manages computerized records of all purchase operations carried out in the company website. These records will be prima facie evidence for all matters related to the purchasing.

Cancellation of a purchase transaction

The purchaser may cancel a purchase in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law.

Other conditions

The Company reserves the right to modify these terms, add to and / or detract from its provisions.

All prices displayed in this website include VAT, except for prices for overseas buyers.
Product prices do not include shipping. Shipment cost is added to the product prices.

Pictures of the products displayed in this website are for illustration purposes only.

If factors and / or events beyond the control of the company will delay and / or prevent the sale of products or any part thereof, and / or affect the delivery period of the products to purchasers, and / or affect the prices of goods, and / or if there are changes in tax rates and / or levies applicable to the purchased products between the time of purchase and the planned delivery date, the company may announce the cancellation of the purchase. The company will inform the buyer about the problem, and will return any amount paid, if paid. The purchaser will have no claims about this matter.

Any dispute concerning purchasing from this website is subject to the Israeli law.

Any notice to the purchaser shall be to the address and / or according to the
details that were entered in this website.