General Information

How to make purchases on the Maoz Israel Tsur website:

1. Search for items from the various categories. On each page you’ll find the ‘add to basket’ tab.
Pressing that button will add your requested item into your shopping cart.

2. After adding an item to your basket, you can either ‘check out’ or continue to shop.

3. To complete your purchase:
– New customers must register on the site.
– Returning customers must enter their user-name and password.
– Be sure to check that all the items and quantities in your ‘shopping cart’ are correct and that your shipping and     payment information is current.

4. Press the ‘purchase’ button located at the bottom of the page. A confirmation number will then appear on the screen.
If a confirmation number does not appear, and you do not receive a confirmation email,
please contact us at:

Approximate time for order receipt:

– A package sent by regular mail within Israel should arrive between 3-14 business days from the date that the order was placed.
Delivery time is subject to the Israeli postal system.

– A package to be shipped outside of Israel should arrive approximately in 21 business days from the date that the order was placed.

Price of shipment via Israeli postal system is according to package weight.

Payment Methods:

– Credit Cards
– For payment by check, please contact our customer service representative.

Return Policy:

Items may be returned, provided they are in their original packaging and not damaged. Items may be
returned up to 14 days from the purchase date printed on the receipt. All items subject to return policy.
Please send all return items to: Maoz Israel Tsur, P.O. Box 14386, Tel Aviv 61143

Charging Policy:

– Credit cards are charged immediately at the time of purchase, unless the item requested is out of stock.
The customer service team is happy to assist you with any questions or comments.

Please be sure to register with your current e-mail address, to ensure receipt of confirmation e-mails.
Please make sure to include the order confirmation number in any correspondence with our customer service